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Home Efficiency For The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday lights are out, temperatures are dropping and families are visiting for all of the fun that the season brings. However, if some of your relatives are also staying at your home for the holidays, it means you’re using more water for cooking, have more people using dishes that need washing and more people wanting a long, hot shower after a cold day.

If you live in an older house or have plumbing and appliances that aren’t equipped for keeping your water hot for long, having family over for the holidays can quickly become a nightmare. The last thing you want after a stressful day of cooking, wrapping gifts or shopping is to discover that there is no hot water left when you’re ready to wind down. You may also discover an energy bill you weren’t expecting, which can add even more stress after a month of spending.

Now is a great time to think about how you can make your home more efficient for the holidays. Unfortunately, small tricks for saving water might not cut it. The best thing you can do for your home is to replace your old water heater with one that will make sure you never run out of hot water AND will save electricity!

For residential properties, tankless hot water heaters are the way to go – only heating water when you need it, saving space and allowing multiple appliances to run at the same time. This means that while you’re enjoying your hot shower or bath on a cold day, your family can do the dishes for you without turning it cold!  If you already own a tankless water heater, it’s also a great idea to have it serviced to make sure your system is safe and working efficiently.

If you’re ready for a stress-free holiday season, give us a call at 703-330-0400. You can also visit our website to see all of the services we offer. You might be surprised what problems RLB can take care of for you!

Staying Warm

It’s that time of year again! Temperatures in Virginia are finally dropping, which means you’ve probably turned your heating system on and are looking for ways to make your home cozy and warm without increasing your energy costs. Here is how you can start:

  1. Replace old appliances or have them serviced. If you’ve read our blog post on how your plumbing can help your home run more efficiently, you know that damaged and older appliances can be extremely costly to continue operating. Before you try out new ways to keep your home warm, make sure the old ways are functional! If your gas boiler is more than 10 years old, or your water heater just isn’t working like it used to, colder temperatures are going to be even more uncomfortable.
  2. Add another heat source. Gas fireplaces are beautiful, efficient ways to add another heat source to your home, especially if you already heat your home with an existing gas supply. They are also a staple of the holiday season, and add ambiance to any family gathering.
  3. Small tricks. Remember to check your windows and doors for drafts to see if your weather stripping and insulation needs to be replaced. You can also try other small tricks to keep your home warmer – letting in natural light during the day for extra heat, using curtains at night to block cold window glass, and placing rugs in areas with wood or tile floors.

Remember, plumbing and gas appliance installations are tasks that are best left to professionals for the safety of you, your family and your home. Thankfully, the experts at RLB services are here to help keep your water and home warm this season! If you need your gas boiler replaced, tankless water heater or fireplace installed, or plumbing serviced, give us a call at (703) 330-0400 today.

Transform Your Home for Fall

The transition from summer into fall is an exciting time, bringing fond memories of cooler weather, family time and more relaxation. During the summer, we typically spend our time outside, soaking up the sun or packing up and heading to the beach. However, as temperatures begin to drop outside, we take refuge in our homes, needing a warm and comfortable space. But, if you aren’t happy with the way your bathroom or kitchen looks, how will you be able to enjoy your time inside?

Your kitchen shouldn’t be just a place to cook. It should be a place to huddle and spend time with your family and friends, especially during the fall and winter months when baked goods become a daily essential. If you’re finding that you just don’t have enough counter space and you become stressed when you aren’t the only cook in the kitchen, or you can never find the space you need in your refrigerator to store your leftovers, it’s time for a kitchen remodel.

Your bathroom also shouldn’t just be a place to bathe, with the standard, boring features you see in every bathroom. You should look forward to coming home on a chilly day to a warm bath or shower in your own personal spa. A bathroom remodel can make your space less cold and uninviting, like you’re living in a hotel. It can help make your home more personal, like it’s truly yours, and help guests feel more welcome.

If you’re ready to transform your home for fall and get more enjoyment out of your spaces, it’s time to talk to RLB about our kitchen and bathroom plumbing remodeling services, such as a new tub or shower, sinks or working with your contractor. Give us a call at (703) 330-0400 to find out more, or to talk to us about any of our other residential plumbing services.

Are You Settling for Poor Plumbing?

Many property owners go months, or even years without realizing there is an issue with their
plumbing, or that they could be using water in their home more efficiently. Unnoticed leaks or
cracks can lead to much bigger problems later, and old heaters and appliances can cause your
utility costs to rise. But how do you know if you are settling for poor plumbing?

One of the best ways is to look for obvious signs of damage. Take a walk around your home and
check in spots you wouldn’t look at on an everyday basis for any water stains, curling vinyl or
other damaged flooring and mold. Note any sudden surges in your water bill, as it can be a sign
that you have a water leak somewhere.

Another is to note any changes in your plumbing. Have your sinks, showers and toilets been
clogging more frequently lately? Has your water pressure been unusually low when you take a
shower or wash the dishes? Are there specks of material or discolored water coming out of
your faucets?

There are only so many signs that will be obvious to homeowners. Others may only show up in
your bills, which many will attribute to an increase in water usage and not feel concerned.
Though a couple dozen extra dollars a month may not feel like a huge deal, it adds up over
time! Hiring a professional to service your water heater and check out old pipes and appliances
will save you money in the long run, and will make your home feel more comfortable for all of
those daily tasks that require water.

It’s time to stop settling for poor plumbing! Give RLB Services a call to talk with one of our
experts about our top summer services or any of the other services we offer.

Hot Tip: Installing Your Gas Fireplace in the Summer and Fall

Event though it’s September and the temperatures continue to soar and humidity is at its highest, we are winding down the days of hot weather before it will finally start cooling off. We understand that the last thing on your mind is having a gas fireplace installed in your home. However, there are a few major benefits to calling RLB Services about a gas fireplace installation now.

Having your fireplace installed at this time of year means you’ll be ready on the first cold day of the year. Like we mentioned above, most homeowners aren’t event thinking about staying warm during the summer, in fact, most of our customers are looking for more efficient ways to cool off! Unfortunately for them, it means that they’ll be calling about a fireplace installation during the busiest time of the year. Having one installed now means you’ll be able to have yours ready when the cold snap arrives, and will avoid potential setbacks from inclement weather.

A summer/fall installation also means less mess. We understand that having a major appliance installation going on in your home can be stressful, especially during the latter half of the year when your busy with work, school activities and holidays. These months are a great time for a fireplace, while you and your family can spend time out of the house for outdoor fun. It also means that if your home is heated with gas, you won’t have to worry about the supply being turned off during installation.

Whether you are in a home and want a gas fireplace installed or you need your gas fireplace repaired, when you choose the experts at RLB Services, you can be assured it is done right and with your safety and peace of mind at the forefront.  Call RLB Services today at (703)330-0400 for all of your gas fireplace repair and installation needs!

Tips for Saving Water

What does summer mean for a homeowner? More afternoon naps, more time with family, more time spent outside and unfortunately, more water use. Kids are out of school, which means they will be home more – jumping through the sprinkler, filling up the pool, showering and flushing more frequently, and using more dishes to quickly fill the dishwasher.

You may notice that every year as summer rolls around, your water bill starts to rise. Humans love water, especially to cool off in any way possible during the hotter months of the year. This also means that you may be looking for ways to reduce your bill and save water. Here are out top tips to save water:

  1. Have your climbing checked with an annual review. Leaks are one of the biggest ways to waste water without ever noticing! They can also cause bigger issues like mold growth as the air becomes more hot and humid. To set up an appointment and make sure your plumbing is in order, give us a call at 703-330-0400 today.
  2. Invest in energy efficient appliances. If you could have a washing machine, dishwasher, shower, sinks and toilets that use less water and save you money on your utility bill, why wouldn’t you? RLB is equipped to make this process easy with our installation services!
  3. Create new habits. They say it takes 66 days to create a new habit, and saving water is a good one to try! Small things like turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth, not starting the dishwasher until it’s full and taking shorter showers can turn into long-term habit that saves you over 200 gallons of water per month. That adds up when you have multiple people living in one household!

If you’re looking to improve your home with any of these ideas, give us a call at 703-330-0400. You can also visit our website to see all of the services we offer. You might be surprised what problems RLB can take care of for you!

Our Top 5 Summer Services

Summer is almost here, which means that all of our winter plumbing worries are finally over! No more frozen and bursting pipes, or worrying about having enough hot water on those extra cold days. Unfortunately, summer opens an entirely new set of concerns when it comes to plumbing, especially when kids are out of school and your home and appliances see a sharp increase in use throughout the week.

So, what should you be concerned about when it comes to your plumbing this summer? Take a look at our top five summer services to find out:

  1. Water leak repair: Water leaks are one of the most annoying problems a homeowner might have to deal with, and a leak in a humid area of your home –  the attic or basement – can cause a larger issue with mold growth during the summer months. Having leaks repaired immediately will save you money and time later.
  2. Drain cleaning: With an increase of outdoor activities, comes an increase in showers with dirt, leaves, sand and hair washing down your drains daily. If you notice your showers draining a little slower than usual, it’s time to give us a call!
  3. Energy efficient product installation: An increase in activity and having your kids home during the summer also means an overall increase in dishes being washed, toilets being flushed and laundry cycles. If your utility bill seems to increase every summer, using energy efficient products can help lower it and save more water.
  4. Outside faucets: If you have any outdoor plants, pools or pets, you know the importance of a working outdoor faucet. If yours won’t turn or are cracked or falling away, your summer activities might become a little difficult.
  5. Water treatment & filtration: For those who want to want to reduce their plastic use and stay hydrated this summer, but don’t enjoy the way your city’s water tastes, a filtration or treatment system is a must!

RLB is ready to make your life easier this summer with our services! Give us a call to talk with one of our experts about our top summer services or any of the other services we offer.

When DIY Isn’t the Way to Go

With so much information available online, more and more people are searching for ways to save money on labor by completing projects on their own. You can find free advice on what type of paint to buy, how to build a shelf, when to plant your garden and more.

These DIY activities are great for learning new information and skills and for getting things done on your own time. However, there are a few areas within your home where you shouldn’t attempt to do things yourself unless you are professional, and one of them is plumbing.

There are some things that seem like a harmless, easy fix, like replacing a sink faucet or snaking a shower drain. Others could take weeks of research and involve cutting sections of wall out and turning off the water supply. Either way, you should always consult a professional who is experienced and knows what will be best for your home, and is aware of local building codes.

Having running water and working plumbing is essential for every household, and anyone who has experienced frozen pipes during the winter knows what a hassle it can be to go without it for even a few hours. When you embark on a DIY plumbing job, it is probably going to take longer than it would for a professional to do it, and you also run the risk of making a mistake and extending the project’s time frame. It could also mean making the quick fix and having to go back later and spend extra time and money on something that could have been fixed for longer results the first time.

The experts at RLB Services are dedicated to finding and fixing the problem, while keeping you in the know about what is happening. Our experience, expertise, attention to detail, and positive customer feedback provide exactly what you need to get the job done! Give us a call  today to discuss your needs, and let’s get started!

Buying and Selling: What to Look For

The housing market is still hot, and many homeowners are preparing to sell this spring and summer. If you’ve owned your home for a while, you probably have some renovations to take care of before placing your home on the market to sell. If you’re buying, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for these renovations, assessing the quality and build against the price of the home before making an offer.

For those new to buying and selling, making a mental checklist of the areas that may need work can become overwhelming, especially when it comes to plumbing and fixtures like toilets and sinks. Here is our guide to what you should look out for:

  1. Outdated items: If you’ve been living in your home for a while and it still has the same sinks, toilets and showers as it did when it was first built, it may be time to update them! If you’re a buyer, make a note to look closely at these things as well. Not only might older plumbing require more maintenance, it may also not fit your style and stand out against décor.
  2. Damage: Does the toilet handle need jiggling to get it to stop running? Is the sink faucet missing pieces? These are small annoyances to a homeowner, but a big thing to pay attention to when selling or buying. Not addressing damage will cost you later on when a potential buyer catches it, or will cost a buyer more money later on it they don’t spot it.
  3. Consistency: The last thing a buyer wants is an inconsistent installation or flaws from a bad plumber or rushed DIY job. If you’re replacing your plumbing or appliances, consult a professional for the best possible results!

At RLB, our experience, expertise, attention to detail and positive customer feedback provide exactly what you need to feel confident when selling your home. Give us a call today to discuss your needs, and let’s get started!

Set Up Your Annual Review With RLB Services

Have you taken the time to check out the plumbing in your home lately? We encourage homeowners to be as proactive as possible in maintenance on the front end, so they aren’t faced with costly repairs down the road. It is much less expensive to to pay a few preventative costs than to pay for repairs.

Our first recommendation is to set up an annual review with RLB. We’ll come out and check on your home plumbing items and ensure everything is working properly. When you’re ready to set up your appointment, give us a call at 703-330-0400.

In the meantime take a moment to walk through your home looking for leaks. Are your washing machine, dishwasher, and garbage disposal running properly without leaks or hindrances? Are the areas surrounding these machines free of mildew and smells? The presence of either could indicate a leak, and a slow leak now could suddenly become a big problem.

As always, we’re here to keep the plumbing in your home running as smooth as possible!

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