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The New Homeowner’s Guide To Plumbing

So, you’ve just purchased your very first home, or are in the process – congratulations! As you may be aware, there are a number of important steps when purchasing a home, including the inspection. Thanks to this process, it’s likely that the plumbing in your house is in good shape and up to code, unless you came across any issues and have taken measures to address them.

Unfortunately, the initial help ends there, and it’s time to become familiar with the parts of your home to save yourself from stress and keep future maintenance and repair costs as low as possible. While you can call the experts as soon as you experience an issue, there is a lot of value in having a basic understanding of the way your plumbing works. Here are a few things you’ll want to know:

Where to Turn Off Your Water Supply

If you ever experience severe leaks or bursting pipes, the first thing you should worry about is the supply of water now entering your home – not how to fix it. Find the main shutoff valve in your home, and make sure you know how to use it to avoid any calls to the local fire department and potential water damage.


How Your Water Is Heated

Learn the ins and outs of your hot water heater by finding the warranty, researching the model, and how to control the temperature. If your home runs on gas, know how to light the pilot light. If you have a large family and your hot water can’t keep up, you may want to consider a replacement.


How to Spot A Leak

It may seem easy to just accept a water bill that is a few dollars higher each month, but this could be a sign of a problem than may cause bigger issues later on. Leaks can develop at any time, so watch out for the signs.

It’s always a good idea to have the number of a trusted local professional handy for any issues you’re unsure of. Give us a call at (703) 330-0400 to find out more, or to talk to us about any of our residential plumbing services.

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